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Of Owning A Pool, None Of The Hassle

Make waves with
a cocktail pool!


the cape plunge pool hot tub

When you partner with Northshore Plunge Pool Co. to make your dream pool a reality, you won’t have to spend hours cleaning it, opening or closing it for the season, and keeping it in top-notch condition. We do all of that for you by providing the following services.

beautiful home with crystal blue pool


Small pool? Large pool? Hot tub on the side? Our pools are both the most durable and customizable on the market. You choose the size and finish—PVC, plaster, or tile—then we build it. The simplified design of our pools makes them both elegant and quick to install. 

drone shot of new plunge pool
luxury back yard with fireplace and plunge pool


We’ve got this—just sit back and watch your dream pool take shape. Our fine-tuned installation process minimizes delays and allows us to get your pool up and running in a general timeframe of 10 days, depending on how long electrical and gas inspections take.

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